Michelle Money Hopes to ‘Reconnect’

Michelle Money recently shared her story about being a teen when she had an unplanned pregnancy and chose adoption placement for her son.  Now she is speaking out in hopes to have a reunion with her birth child, while respecting his adoptive parents and not ever wanting to try to take their place.

Michelle Money Hopes to ‘Reconnect’ With Son She Placed for Adoption

Michelle Money hopes to someday reunite with the son she placed for adoption as a teen, she reveals exclusively to Us Weekly. The Bachelor alum recently opened up about getting pregnant when she was 15 years old in a video for the skincare brand PMD.

“I am very hopeful that one day I will get the chance to reconnect with my son,” Money, 35, tells Us. “I know I will never take the place of his adoptive parents, but I would absolutely love to have some place in his life if he will have me!”

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