Meet Melanie: Hoping To Be Adopted

You might find Melanie listening to the melodies of Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, or even Chris Brown. She is a 15 year old after all. If you don’t see her jammin’ out to hip-hop, you’ll probably find her bike riding or exploring an amusement park. And she’s not a girl that’s going to turn down swimming or visiting the beach either.

Melanie is a girl of refined tastes (think ceviche and cheesecake), but don’t think she’ll turn down some comfort food either (suggest chicken tacos or spaghetti and you can’t lose).

It’s no surprise that a beach lover would also claim recess as one of her favorite subjects in school (she loves cracking jokes!), but she’s also a big fan of math. Maybe she’s got some good math jokes for when she’s at home or school. You’ll have to ask!

Melanie has been making great progress in her behavioral and emotional development. She’s continually maturing and has the wisdom to reflect on how her choices and feelings affect her and others around her. Like any teen she can be a bit hard headed, but this smart girl takes her coping skills into action to help keep her behavior under control.

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