Making The Transition Easier

Briana Drummer is making the transition easier for people going from foster care to college by mentoring, teaching, and fellowshipping former foster youth.

“My goal is to help as many people as possible who might need some help or mentoring along the way,” Drummer states.

Set to graduate in the class of 2019 with her psychology degree, Drummer grew up as a foster child herself and explains some of the difficulties surrounding foster children who are transitioning into college. The process can be strenuous and hard if the students are not adequately prepared or supported. Temple University, where Drummer is currently a student, strives to help foster youth make the transition somewhat easier.

“Temple University has remained committed to broadening access to a high-quality education. We seek to further enhance that mission through more intentional outreach to help attract, enroll, retain, and graduate former foster youth, supporting them along the way however we can,” says Stephanie Ives, Temple’s associate vice president and dean of students.

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