Love Brightens The Darkest Horizon

“Love brightens the darkest horizon.”

No matter how dark your life may be, remember that the ones that love you will always light the way. When you feel down, discouraged, or disheartened, picture in your mind your happiest moments. Remember and surround yourself with those that uplift you, care for you, and want to help you.

We know you can do it! When those dark moments come, remember to look to the light.

How have you overcome your dark horizons? Tell us in the comments below.

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Caroline is currently working for Elevati/ as an intern--she loves it! She is a poor college student who is studying English and hopes to go on to wear the master's cap someday. You can find Caroline gallivanting around the European countryside or hoofing it in the mountains. Chocolate in any form instantly wins her friendship, and she is not afraid to geek out over the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars films.

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