Looking For Their Forever Family: Meet Joey and Andy

Joey and Andy are fun-loving boys who yearn to be adopted together. They live in Arkansas, a state where 500 children are hoping to be adopted.

Joey is 11, and he takes his role as a big brother very seriously. His little brother Andy “looks to his older brother for guidance,” according to their adoption specialist, Annisa Ballew, who describes the boys as “absolutely precious.”

The boys are currently in separate foster homes, but they desperately want to be reunited. They have already lost two siblings whom they can’t see anymore. “I don’t want to lose him too,” said Joey of Andy.

In the state of Arkansas, there are currently 5,000 children living in foster care. When a child enters the foster care program, the first goal is to help get them reunited with their families. If that isn’t possible, a placement with a biological relative is considered ideal. Unfortunately, neither of this options have worked out for these boys, who are now clinging to each other as the only consistent things in their lives.

Adoption would provide an opportunity for stability and growth after so much loss and change in these boys’ young lives.

Learn more about them here.

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Rachel Skousen

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