Lauren Akins Speaks for Adoption

Lauren Akins states, “I have always wanted to adopt. My mom is actually adopted. I am a product of an adopted family. So, it has always been something that has been very natural for me.”

Akins and her husband, Thomas Rhett, feel that one of their callings in life is to speak out for children who do not have a voice, who need a voice.

Akins was struggling to conceive on her own, and as a result, the couple turned to adoption. Akins first met her daughter, Willa Gray, while she was in Uganda.

“When I saw her, I don’t know, but I was very drawn to her. I just tell everyone she was always my baby. It just took us a little bit longer to find each other.”

Read the full story of Akins and Rhett adopting Willa Gray here.

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