Ladavia: Looking For Her Forever Family

Thirteen-year-old Ladavia is a skilled skateboarder who enjoyed learning some new tricks during her Wednesday’s Child feature.

When asked to describe herself, she said, “I’m creative, I’m smart, and I want to be more of a daredevil.”

Ladavia loves to be active, but she also has a reflective, artistic side. “Outside of school, if I have nothing else to do, I either go outside in the backyard and skate. If I don’t want to go outside and be lazy, I read. I listen to music a lot when I read. ”

She also writes a lot of poetry. “The poems I write are from my experience, or when I’m upset, I write about what I’m feeling. But by poems are pretty good. Like at the end, it’s always happy and sunshiny.”

Ladavia is excited for her future, but she’d love to face it with a family behind her. “If I had the loving support of a family, I think I’d be a happier person.”

Learn more about her here.

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