Joey Has A Heart Bursting With Love

Joey is a 6-year-old kid who has a heart bursting with love. He is one of a kind, loves to play with cars, and is always bouncing with energy.

Joey has special needs and therefore requires the love of a totally committed family. At times, expressing himself verbally can be difficult, so Joey uses body language to communicate his feelings and emotions. The ideal family for Joey would be those who will get down on the ground with him to play games and other sports or activities. Joey has a lot of energy and would love a family who is more than willing to run around with him.

In addition, Joey’s family would need to advocate for him in the school system. His family would need to teach him different ways of communicating such as learning new words and other ways of expressing himself. Above all, Joey needs a lot of love, attention, and care. This is a really special kid.

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