Jeremy and Kathleen Willet: Our Adoption Story

Jeremy Willet visited Ethiopia in 2007 to help out in an orphanage and work with children who had been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. In 2009, he returned there with his wife. They knew they were being called to adoption; at the same time, they learned that they couldn’t have biological children.

Then Jeremy traveled to Haiti, where he met 6 children at an orphanage. He learned that the orphanage mom was going to be leaving, and the kids were going to have to find a new home. His wife quit her job and moved to Haiti to take care of the kids. Then the 2010 earthquake hit and the kids and Kathleen relocated to Port Au Prince.

After returning to the US, the Willets put in their application to adopt an HIV positive child from Ethiopia. They waited for 4 years . . . and then an HIV-positive boy was born in Ghana. They transfered their adoption application to Ghana, and met their son in Ghana when he was six months old . . . malnourished, testing positive for HIV, and suffering from Malaria. Kathleen stayed in Ghana for 8 months to care for their son while they waited for the adoption process to be complete. During this process, Ghana made the announcement that they would be closing all international adoption in one week. So the Willets gathered up all the paperwork they needed and went to court on the last day they could finalize the adoption in a Ghana court. They didn’t have an appointment with the judge; they just hoped they would be able to seen.

You won’t believe the miracles that unfold next!

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