Jena Is A Birth Mom With An Open Adoption. This Is Her Story.

Jena was a high school student when she became pregnant.

She recalls the miracle of connecting with her son’s birth parents. “I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when I heard about them, and I still had not committed to adoption. And as soon as I heard their name, I knew they were the people that were supposed to raise this little boy.”

Of her relationship with her son’s parents, she says, “I love them. We have an open adoption. I’ve seen him three times. They live in a different state, so we don’t get to be together as often as we’d like. But we text, we email, we talk on the phone. I have close relationships with their extended family, which is really cool.”

She is happy to be able to share her story. “I’ve had the opportunity to share my story and share my experience with so many people, and I hope that I’ve been able to impact women’s lives so that they can see that there is life after placement, and that even though it’s hard, it’s so worth it.”


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Rachel Skousen

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