It Just Matters That They Get There

“God knew that it doesn’t matter how your children get to your family. It just matters that they get there.” –  Kira Mortensen

I remember listening to a young woman talk about moving from infertility to adoption. She said it was difficult to let go of the dreams she’d had of waddling around pregnant, swathed in cheery maternity clothes. Of holding a slippery newborn in her arms, tired and sweaty after giving birth. Of looking into the face of her child and seeing herself and her husband in the little features.

But then she was able to open her heart to a new, equally beautiful reality. Now she dreamed of meeting her child’s birth family. Of being entrusted with this precious human being to love and care for. Of building connections with all the family members – biological and adoptive – who loved her.

And in the end, when she met her daughters, she knew that they were hers. That they were meant to be a part of her family. That miracles of love had brought them together.

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