I’m An Adoptee And I Chose To Adopt


Jeanne is an adoptee who also chose adoption as the way she has built her family. In this poignant interview, she shares her unique perspective on adoption – one that comes from having been adopted herself before choosing to adopt her own children.

Jeanne’s earliest experiences with adoption were positive. She recalls, “Growing up as an adoptee I always connected being adopted with being loved. I could see day in and day out how much my parents loved me, and was always told how much love my birth mom must have for me to choose adoption.”

Because adoption was such a positive experience for her, she always wanted to adopt.  “I don’t remember ever not wanting to adopt,” she shares. “Creating a family through adoption was my normal. It wasn’t until a heartbreaking string of miscarriages that it became clear I needed a family through adoption as much as I wanted one.”

There was one thing that she decided to do differently, though. She explains, “I found my birth mom as an adult. In walking through the awkwardness in building this relationship with my birth family, I knew if I adopted I wanted my kids to have a relationship with their first families as soon as possible. So closed adoption was off the table for me.”

Read the insightful interview here.

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Rachel Skousen

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