I Said No To A Placement

“Never had it occurred to me when we began our adoption journey 10 years ago that we would be the ones to say no to an expectant mother. Never,” writes adoptive mom Jeanette Green. “And yet, it has happened. In fact, it has happened more than once.”

When you’re beginning your adoption journey, it’s hard to imagine turning down an adoption opportunity. You yearn for a child to care for and love. You’ve worked hard to complete the approval process to become an adoptive parent. You’ve painstakingly crafted a profile that you hope will perfectly convey who you are and the love you already have for your future child.

And yet, sometimes, sometimes adoption opportunities arise that are simply not right for you. And it’s at that point that you have to say no, however much you may want to say yes.

In this article about saying no to adoption placements, Green shares her experiences of having to say no to adoption opportunities – she talks about the conflicting emotions she experienced, and the sadness she still carries about saying no, despite the sense of peace she had that she was doing the right thing.

“With adoption, it’s easy to think, especially if you have been waiting a long time, that the one situation that comes up is your ONE chance. This is it. And if you mess this one up, then that’s it. No more. You’ve hit the end of the road. I struggled with that.”  

Read the article here.

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Rachel Skousen

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