A Message For Every Adoptee: How You Came Into The World Is Not Who You Are

How You Came Into This World Is Not Who You Are

Just like every super hero has an origin story, so does every adopted person. These stories are known as “primal stories,” and, like any story, they can be fraught with difficulties.

Adoptee Michelle Madrid-Branch shares that her own “primal story” has had a very real and painful impact on her self-esteem. She was brought into this world as the result of an affair, and, she says, “both my parents turned their backs on me after I was born.”

But she has some powerful messages for adoptees whose origins were not ideal:

“Consider the possibility that you might be stronger, better and more equipped for greatness due to what you have survived,” she writes, adding, “Your life is a gift, no matter how it began. Your life offers immense opportunity and the responsibility of giving back as you become more.”

Read her whole article here.

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