How I Let Go Of My Preconceived Ideas About Bonding and Motherhood And Became Brave Enough To Trust My Heart

“As Bodhi’s radiance shined on everyone but me, I began building up walls. What was happening was visceral and beyond reason. Stop, I kept saying to myself. Stop. But I couldn’t. I decided I was unworthy of this little boy’s affection, and began to question my ability to love him enough.”

When Laurie Shiers first met her son, a toddler living with a loving foster family in Bangkok, she was flooded with fear that she would never be able to bond with her little boy, a child who clearly wanted nothing to do with her. A leap of faith took her into motherhood anyway, and along a winding trail of months in which her son continued to reject her, Laurie learned about love and family in ways she’d never imagined.

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