Hector Manley Doesn’t Let His Double Amputation Define Him

Even though Hector Manley lost both of his legs in a terrible earthquake, he doesn’t let the experience define who he is or keep him from living life to the fullest.

When he was just 11-years-old, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit El Salvador, causing Manley to fall down into a burning garbage pit. He and his friends were looking for tin cans to sell when the earthquake shook the earth and forced the ground to split. Manley recalls the experience saying, “I just said a prayer, ya know, just let me be alive when all of this is over, and I was. Like, I was barely alive, but it was good.”

Because of this experience, Manley now has two families. The Manleys, who were working in the hospital where Hector was taken after his injuries, instantly decided to help when they heard about this young boy’s horrific ordeal. Knowing the United States would provide better healthcare and prosthetics, the Manleys worked with Hector’s birth parents to bring him to the States. “They fell in love, and when Manley’s birth parents asked Don and Karen to adopt him so he could remain in the United States, they said ‘yes.'”

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