He Grew Up In Foster Care. Now He’s Making Sure These Boys Know What Family Means

Joe grew up in foster care and aged out at 21. He never knew his parents. So when he adopted his boys, his goal was to ensure that they had what he’d never had: a family. You Gotta Believe, an organization aimed at helping teens find forever families, connected Joe with his three sons, Xavier, Ronnie, and John. It’s been a rewarding experience – for all four of them.

“As much as I try to give them, they give me,” says Joe of his sons. Good, bad, or indifferent – we belong to each other,” he says.

This is what his boys have to say about adoption:

“I got a chance to restart my life. What I have now: a home, a family. That’s the only thing I’ve been looking for my whole entire life.” -Xavier, adopted at 18

“It’s a forever family. It slowly worked and it stayed. It’s like glue. We’re all glued together.” -Ronnie, adopted at 14

“We’ll always gonna have that connection – holidays and everything. We’re always going to be together – no matter what. We’ll always be family.”  – John, adopted at 17

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