Growing In Her Heart Instead Of Her Tummy

“Adoption means you grew in her heart instead of her tummy.”

When you adopt a child, your life is changed forevermore. That little person depends upon you now for everything, and that innate connection that occurs between parent and child is forged. Your life is not your own now, but that’s okay, because you are the one that gets to witness an incredible miracle for the rest of your life: growing up. You are the one that gets to watch him play in the mud with plastic dinosaurs. You are the one that gets to watch her splash around in the tub with rubber ducks, or laugh with her as she smears chocolate frosting all over her face. These treasures are yours. It doesn’t matter where your child has come from, because even though they are not yours biologically, you are–always and forever–their parent, and he or she is your child.

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