God Brought This Dying Mom To The Nurse Who Was Meant To Adopt Her Son

Dan and Tricia Seaman already had four children when they were told that, due to pregnancy complications, they wouldn’t be able to have any more biological children. They were heartbroken, since they had been hoping to have one more son.

After giving it some thought, they began the adoption process. They received a referral for an 18-month-old boy, responded with an enthusiastic yes to the referral, and then waited for weeks without word from the agency.

In the meantime, Tricia, who is a nurse, was assigned to a patient – also named Tricia! – at the hospital where she worked. Tricia (patient) was a single mom who had been diagnosed with cancer. The two instantly connected, and while Tricia (nurse) wasn’t assigned to Tricia (patient) for ten more days, she would poke her head into her room to check in and say hello.

Then they received some heart-wrenching news, and their lives were changed forever.


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