From Two To Six, This Family Adopted Four Orphaned Siblings

Tammy and Drew Waltz are expanding their family from two to six when they decided to welcome four beautiful children into their lives.

Tammy and Drew participated in the Open Hearts and Homes for Children last year–a program that allows families to host children for a few weeks during Christmas and summer holidays. The Waltzs hosted the four siblings for Christmas last year and fell in love.

After deciding to adopt, Tammy wanted to film the reactions of her family and friends.

“I wanted the kids to see everyone’s reactions and excitement,” Tammy Waltz told the news.

The excitement of bringing the children home is clearly displayed on the faces of everyone filmed. From laughing, to surprise, to tears, the family and friends express their joy and happiness.

Watch their joy by clicking here. You might want to grab a few tissues before you do. This video is touching. 

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