Foster Parenting: Saying Goodbye To The Child You Love

It could be the number one reason people shy away from foster parenting: they’re afraid of falling in love with a child that they won’t be able to raise.

In this article, foster and adoptive mom Kristy O’Neal addresses this issue. She writes about her first placement, a five-month-old baby whom she parented for ten months, watching him learn to crawl, to walk, to talk. Then it was time for him to go home. “I wanted so desperately to be strong and brave,” she writes. “I told myself that this is what I had signed up for, that I knew the goal of foster care was almost always reunification. I told others that this was the best thing for him, that his parent loved him and would keep him safe, and most of the time, I believed it.”

Read her thoughts on this topic here.

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Rachel Skousen

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