Foster Adoption Story Being Made Into Movie

Coming late 2018, one family’s foster adoption story is being made into a movie. You may have heard the story of a Pittsburgh man that adopted two boys that were living out of a car. Now you’ll be able to see their whole story.

A foster adoption story for a screen near you.

Five years ago Jack Mook, a combat veteran, city police officer and boxing coach, was helping out at a boxing gym that works with underprivileged kids. It was there that he met Jesse and Josh. The boys often came to the gym and Mook felt a strong bond with them, as did the boys to him. When Josh and Jesse stopped showing up, Mook went looking for them.

He found them in horrible conditions with their foster family. Then he decided it was time for them to move in with him. After becoming their foster parent, he then adopted them into his family.

Since the adoption, Mook met his wife, who also brought a few more kids, and seems to become a great family man.

You can read the original story here.

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