For My Daughter’s Birth Mother: YOU Are The Ray Of Light

When Carrie Goldman met her daughter’s birth mother, M, in a restaurant one day, each of them was struggling with grief and loss: Carrie had lost a child to a congenital condition; M was pregnant with a child she wouldn’t be able to raise. From this moment unfolds the story of two mothers, walking across the years, connected by love for the daughter they share – and love for each other.

She recalls one particularly heartbreaking moment during their journey: “M called me the night after our visit. She was inconsolable. ‘When my baby cries, it’s you she reaches for,’ she wept to me. It was true. I had seen it and felt the agony of M’s gaze. I could only listen and murmur words of empathy and support. After we hung up, wave after wave of anxiety threatened to drown me. How could we ever be okay, any of us? Is there ever a path to peace?”

Learn the answer here.

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