Finding Balance With ‘Cocooning’ Newly Adopted Kids

In The Complete Book of International Adoption, Dawn Davenport suggested cocooning as a way of helping children adjust to their new homes and attach to their parents.

She stands by that suggestion.

However, in this article she adds a word of caution: “While I think settling in, simplifying, and focusing care with newly adopted kids is a great idea, I think maybe, just maybe, we may have gone just the tiniest bit overboard.”

Davenport goes on to cite examples of parents refusing to allow anyone else to hold or feed their new children for the first six months that they’re home, a mother who quit going to the gym so she wouldn’t have to leave her children in someone else’s care, and a family who didn’t attend church for 9 months because they were worried it would be over-stimulating.

She says these extreme choices are unnecessary, reminding readers that, “as with all things in life moderation is the key.”

Read her guidelines for cocooning in moderation.

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