Family Adopts Ten Children With Down Syndrome

“We never, ever planned to have 15. Three was a distinct possibility. Five would have been nice.”

When the Daultons welcomed their fifth son Tommy into the world in 1984,he was born with a disability that surprised them. Dave recalls, “When Tommy was born, it was a real shock: he had Down Syndrome. It threw us for a loop. We weren’t sure what that meant. We weren’t sure what the future meant. But we knew it was different from what we planned.”

Soon they learned that Down Syndrome was a beautiful part of who Tommy was. And his presence in their family opened up their hearts. Not only did they adopt 10 more children with Down Syndrome (one of whom passed away shortly thereafter), they also paved the way in Ukraine for children with Down Syndrome to be adopted as well.

Says Jane of her adopted children: “They’ve been in this place where they’ve been neglected . . . and they blossom in front of your eyes. And it’s so wonderful. It’s such a privilege . . . it’s such a privilege. I think everyone should have a child with Down Syndrome. We have had nothing but love from these children. They really love. They remain children. And they see life very differently than we do. We would be so much poorer without them.”


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