Ethan The Superkid: A China Adoption Story

Superkids is a program aimed at helping older children and children with special needs in China find their forever families. They work with orphanages to help improve outcomes for children with special needs and advocate for their adoption.

In 2015, more than 80 children with special needs were placed with their forever families through the Superkids program. Since November 2014, Superkids has seen more than 400 children in 11 orphanages throughout China with the goal of finding forever families for these children.

“I hope for the rest of his life, he feels secure, safe, and loved,” says Andrew Holland, who, along with his wife, Angela, adopted a little boy named Ethan through the Superkids program. He continues, “Adding a child through adoption doesn’t make life harder, it makes life better. It brings joy.”

Learn more about Gladney’s Superkids program.

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