Empowered To Connect: The Yes Jar

Kayla North is a mom of six through birth and foster care adoption. In this video, she talks about a parenting tool she uses to help open up more opportunities for her to say “yes” to her children: The Yes Jar.

The yes jar is a great parenting tool for ANY parent, and it has particular benefit for adopted kids whose life began with some serious challenges and traumatic experiences: First, it helps them to know that whenever they’re hungry, they can have something to eat. This helps them feel safe. Second, it provides an opportunity for them to approach the parent with a request and for the parent to be able to fulfill that request. This helps build connections and trust. Third, it gives kids a chance to learn how to self-regulate, knowing that if they eat all the snacks in the jar in the morning, they might regret it in the afternoon.

In this video, you’ll learn what a yes jar is, what to put in it, how often to fill it up, and how to use it to help build positive connections with your children.

Kayla North is an Empowered to Connect Parent Trainer.

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