Drug-Addicted Homes Sending More Children To Foster Care

Drug-addicted homes are the cause of why many children enter foster care. Cyndi and Jesse became foster parents 10 years ago and have since fostered 15 children, 13 of which came from a home struggling with drug addiction. Though many question why they foster these troubled children, Cyndi and Jesse continue to answer the call as foster parents for these children coming from drug-addicted homes.

Many state foster care systems are struggling with parents addicted to opioids. Nearly one-third of children in foster care are there because of the heroin epidemic.

CNN wrote, “Nationally, 32% of children were removed from their homes due to drug abuse by a parent as of September 30, 2015.”

Jesse and Cyndi are willing to be the ones who help these children from drug-addicted homes. They have even seen children be able to reunite with their parents that have become clean. Their son Kalib, who was adopted from foster care, was able to reunite with his birth father. He said it was the best day of his life.

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