Is Adopting Adults from Foreign Countries Possible?

Is Adopting Adults from Foreign Countries Possible? 

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    Hello Virginia,
    This is a good question and one that is not discussed a lot. I'm not an expert in this area. However, I have read that it is possible to legally adopt an adult from a foreign country, but it is rare and depends on the country you would like to adopt from. Some countries don't allow this and others do. A problem arises if the person you want to adopt is not currently living in the U.S. While you may still legally be able to adopt him or her, you will not be able to bring the person to the U.S. to live because adoption visas aren't issued to those over age 16.

    If the person you want to adopt is living in the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant, there are five legal criteria you must meet in order to adopt him or her.

    1) Minimum age requirements - As I've said, in most cases, the person must be 16 years or younger to be adopted. He or she can be 18 or under if you are also adopting the person's sibling, who is younger than 16. 

    2) Eligible for Intercountry Adoption - The Central Authority in the person's c0untry of origin will make this determination.

    3) Marriage or Age Requirements for Adoptive Parents - You must be at least 25 years old if adopting as a single person or be married U.S. citizens. You must also be found suitable to adopt.

    4) Biological Parent Consent -  You must obtain legal written consent and termination of parental rights from the biological parents. 

    5) Biological Parents Are Unable to Care for Person .

    Please keep in mind that if you do adopt a foreign adult, this does not change the person's immigration status. And, if a U.S. citizen adopts a foreign adult, the adoptee may qualify for inheritance. 

    For more information, contact an immigration attorney and adoption attorney. You may also find the following articles on adult adoption helpful:

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