How much does it cost to adopt a baby?

How much does it cost to adopt a baby?

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    Hi Anna,
    Costs to adopt a baby vary — from almost nothing (just the cost of a home study) in the case of foster care adoption to $40,000 or more for an international adoption. Fees will also vary depending on which agency and program you choose, as well as whether or not you will pay for expectant mom expenses. For more info on the costs of adoption, please visit: or check out How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Child? A Guide or How Much Does Adoption Cost?

    When my husband and I adopted, we paid approximately $15,000 to cover expenses for a domestic newborn adoption. We worked with a local adoption agency and waited approximately 2 years before bringing our daughter home. After our adoption, we received a $10,000 adoption tax credit, so we were reimbursed for a large portion of our costs. Here is some info on the tax credit: Adoption Tax Credit Guide.

    Please don't let money deter or discourage you. If you really want to adopt a child, there are many programs available and lots of ways you can gather funds to pursue your dream. Some hopeful parents apply for adoption grants or loans, utilize employer-provided adoption benefits, or raise money through bake sales, GoFundMe or other fund-raising activities. Here are a few articles on adoption fundraising you may find helpful:
    You'll find also plenty of ways to afford adoption at: 

    Best of luck!
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