How much is it to adopt a kid?

Wondering what costs are involved. 

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    The cost of adopting a child is going to depend on what form of adoption you are pursuing. Here are a few examples of the costs. The cost will also depend on your state’s requirements/costs.  

    Adopting a child in the domestic realm will cost on average between $10,000 and $30,000. These fees will include the adoption agency fees, court costs, attorneys fees, etc. This is why the range is so wide. Each agency will have their own fees and each state has their own process/court fees.

    Adopting a child from foster care is usually a lot less expensive but a lot of the time it is also a longer process and can be hard on families. The point of foster care is reunification, not adoption, so the return of the child to his/her birth family is higher in foster care. A lot of times, the children are also older when adopting from foster care. The cost of adopting a child from foster care will also vary depending on the state you reside in. It could cost you as little as nothing to roughly $1,000. Again, some of these fees will have to be paid to the court or attorneys.

    Adopting a child internationally will most likely be the most expensive. One of the reasons is the travel cost of getting to the child’s country of origin. It also is a longer process, because many of the different countries have longer waiting periods or “rules” in adopting their children. On average an international adoption will cost approximately $20,000 - $40,000. Again, these fees will depend on the agency, the country you are adopting from, and your state regulations/fees.

    I would highly suggest meeting with an adoption professional and/or agency before making a decision to adopt based on the cost of adopting. You can usually get a rough estimate of the cost based on information they provide on their website.  There is also a lot of information out there for adoption grants, loans, and ways to afford adoption.

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    Since you asked about adopting a "kid" and not an infant, generally foster care or international adoption will be your two avenues. International adoption generally will have 1 year olds, toddlers, or older children available for adoption. This is because parents are required to make sometimes 2-3 separate visits to the country, so there really isn't a timeline available for infant adoption. For domestic foster care, adoption is very affordable. Sometimes 2k and under. It is a difficult process though, as you will have a foster child but may not be able to end up adopting that child. The goal for foster care is reunification with birth family. If that cannot happen, then adoption is considered. 
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