What is foster care?

What is foster care?

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    Foster care is a way of caring for children whose parents aren’t okay to be parents. Sometimes it’s temporary, but many times it’s long-term, meaning children can’t be returned to their parents because it would be unsafe for them to go back to their parents.

    Some people think foster care is unethical because it can damage children when they are removed from their original home and the situations they know. But foster care is implemented for children who would be more hurt if they were left to the care of their parents.

    Foster parents are the adults who care for the children in foster care. They provide care as a family would by providing a child with a home, clothes, food, school and extracurricular activities, and methods for entertainment. Because they are foster parents and not adoptive parents, they don’t have to provide all of this on their own; they are given money to help provide these things for the child(ren) in their care.

    There are different laws in every state for the requirements about being able to provide foster care, such as how much older than the foster children a foster parent needs to be and how to handle firearms and medications in the home.

    Children in foster care can be any age under 18. Children can be placed into foster care at any time. Ideally, a child will enter into foster care in one home temporarily and stay in that home until they are able to return to their biological parents and live with them safely. But often, a child will change foster homes several times and can’t return to the parents permanently, or at all. If a child can’t return to the parents, he or she can be adopted.

    Lots of times foster parents will adopt children who have been living with them when the children can’t return to their parents, but other people can adopt these children as well. Many children are aging out of foster care, which means they weren’t able to return to their parents or get adopted, and they stay in foster care until they turn 18.


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    Foster care is a temporary agreement where adults agree to care for minor children in their home when the child’s biological parent is unable to care for them. This could be for a variety of reasons. While the purpose behind foster care is temporary, sometimes it turns into a permanent situation and the child can be adopted by the foster parents.

    Foster care can be an informal agreement with the biological parents and the foster care parents that the children need to be cared for in their home until the biological parents can get back on their feet. Foster care can also be a legal placement through social services and/or the court system where the children are to be removed from the biological homes and placed in foster care. You can find out more about foster care at adoption.com/foster

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