How do I adopt a foster child?

How do I adopt a foster child?

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    The best way to be able to adopt a foster child is to be the parent who fostered the child at the time that child became free for adoption.  There are a number of answers on here to how to become a foster parent, if that is what you're interested in I would suggest reading those questions and answers to learn more about becoming a foster parent.

    There are children who are listed with their state that are in foster care who are open for adoption, that one wouldn't have to first foster.  This is a great option for those wanting to adopt an older child or a child with special needs or even an sibling group.

    If you're looking to adopt an infant or toddler with little to no special needs, than the only real option is to become a foster parent and foster that child first.  If plans fall through for the biological parents and no kinship (family) are found to place the child with, and rights are terminated with the biological parents then that child could be adopted by the foster parent if all on the case approves.

    Do NOT expect this to happen quickly though.  The goal of foster care is family reunification, and sometimes the families are given years to try to earn their kids back.

    My son was in foster care from Nov of 2012 to June of 2016 before his parents rights were completely terminated and I adopted him in Sept of 2016 just before he turned 6 years old.  It can be a very long difficult process, but in the end a rewarding one and less costly than domestic or international adoption.

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