How can I adopt an American child?

How can I adopt an American child?

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    Hello Virginia,

    To adopt a child in the U.S., you will need to work with a licensed adoption agency and/or attorney.  A good place to start is by searching the Adoption Directory at You'll be able to look for a professional in your home state and also read reviews/recommendations from others who have used these services. Also, talk to adoptive parents about which professionals they used and be sure to attend a couple of informational meetings hosted by adoption agencies in your hometown. 

    We chose to work with a local adoption agency, so I will provide details about how that works. If you choose to use an attorney, you will also still need to find an adoption agency or licensed social worker to complete your home study.

    Once you locate an adoption agency, you'll need to submit an application and fee.  After your application is processed, you will be assigned a social worker who will work with you throughout the adoption process. You will need complete a home study, which consists of a few visits in your home with your social worker. These visits will help prepare and educate you on adoption as well as ensure your home is safe and ready for a child. 

    Be prepared to undergo background and employment checks and physicals with your family doctor, as well as complete a bunch of paperwork on your financial status, work history, family history and views on parenting, etc. You will also write a letter to expectant parents and create a profile with pictures and info on your family. 

    With domestic infant adoption, an expectant parent chooses you, so the wait can be unpredictable. However, you can increase your chances of adopting sooner by doing some of your own networking activities, such as spreading the word you are planning to adopt, creating adoption business cards to post on bulletin boards and/or creating an online profile where expectant parents can easily find you.  A good one to try, if your finances allow, is Parent Profiles. Check it out here. For more ideas, check out this article: 5 Ways to Shorten Your Adoption Wait.

    I know this is a lot of information, but please know that although adoption entails a good amount of work, it is so worth it! Feel free to ask any other questions you have. There are a lot of people on this forum who have been through the adoption process and are happy to help.

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    Best of luck to you!

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