What are birth parent rights after adoption?

What are birth parent rights after the adoption has been finalized?

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    Once a birth mother has relinquished her parental rights, it is irrevocable. States have their own timelines of when this is done. Some states allow birth mothers 3 days, others a week, others more time, to change their minds. Once that period is over and she has signed papers, she has no parental rights to the child. If she entered an open adoption she has a right (sometimes enforceable sometimes not) agreement signed with adoptive parents that will ensure she sees the child once a year or gets letters and pictures every month, or whatever the arrangement is. Mostly this is just an agreement based on trust between both parties. Most open adoptions have communication between both parties and the agreement is not a problem. As an adoptive mom, I always keep my end of the agreement. We love our birth mom and always want to hear from her. The birth father has fewer rights than a birth mom but does have an opportunity to contest the adoption (I believe in most states). 
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    As stated above, once the birth parents have relinquished their rights, they do not have any rights to that child any longer. In short, they cannot go back on what has already be done. I know in our adoption experience and our state once the child is born and the adoption plan is in place, the termination of parental rights hearing is scheduled within 30 days. In our case it was 44 days. In that time, the birthmom would have had the right to change her mind. But after the termination of parental rights hearing, she no longer could change her mind. I know every state has their own "time frame" of when a birthmother could change her mind. I would make sure you know what your states' qualifications are.
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