How long does it take to become a fostercarer?

How long will it take me to become a foster parent?

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    It really depends on what state you're in and how diligent you are at getting licensed.  For me, I was ready and wanted to get through the process as quickly as possible.  I live in Texas, and was able to turn in all my paper work during my training.

    I started my training in March of 2013 and was licensed by June of 2013.  I had my first placement July of 2013, and he become my first adoption in September of 2016.

    What takes the longest or what took the longest for me was getting FBI finger print checks to come back to the state for approval.  You will also need to get a health and fire inspection of your home, depending on your city/county this could take some time as well.  I'm lucky enough to live in a small town so they were able to come out pretty much the same day to do the inspections.

    My suggestion would be if you're planning to start fostering is to find an agency that fits your believes and your needs in the process.  Ask them lots of questions to determine if they are a good fit for your family.  Ask them how long the process typically takes with their agency if you're doing everything in a timely manner on your part.

    It only took me 3 months, but I've seen others say it took them more than a year.  For more information you might want to check into a few websites:

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    There are a few different things that go into this answer. First is how fast/hard you are willing to work. There is a lot of paperwork that goes into becoming a licensed foster care provider. If you are diligent in getting the paperwork in and following through with the paperwork you can get it done in as little as a few months.

    Secondly, each state is going to have their own set of regulations you are going to have to meet to become a licensed foster care provider. Make sure to check with your state’s requirements before getting too far into the process. For more information you can check out to get yourself acquainted with the process.

    Also, you should be prepared for references. If you want to get a head start on the process, think of people who would make good character references for you. They will need to either provide a written recommendation for your or a verbal recommendation on your behalf.

    You may want to check out before becoming a foster parent in order to better equip yourself for the care and benefit of the children entering your home.  

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