How hard is it to adopt?

How hard is it to adopt?

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    Adoption is not necessarily hard, but it certainly is time consuming and emotional.  We waited almost six years to be matched with our son’s birth mom. That waiting time was “hard.” The paperwork that lead up to the approval date wasn’t necessarily hard but was time consuming. There are applications, back ground checks, home studies, letters of recommendations, health reports, etc. that all need to be completed in order to adopt. For general information regarding adoption, check out:

    So, be prepared for the paperwork and be prepared for the wait if you are pursuing an adoption in which the birth mom chooses you.

    I will also say, that adoption is expensive, which could mean that part is hard. Some save for years in order to afford an adoption. Some fundraise in order to pursue an adoption. Make sure to do some research in your local state/city to become informed on how much an adoption would cost. You can find information about affording an adoption here:

    Best of luck to you!


  • Adoption is hard and time consuming. The longest part can be the year of paperwork, background checks,etc you do before you are waiting in an agency's pool of waiting families. It takes organization to get everything done on your checklist. Once you are in an agency's pool, it can be hard for some people to be matched and it can be easy for others. It really just depends and no two adoptions are the same. Some people wait 3 years; some wait 3 days. In general, most people wait somewhere around a year. There also can be failed adoptions where the birth mom changes her mind, or there could be factors like moving which lead families to choose another agency. As far as requirements go, adoptive families will have to have a certain level of income (different at each agency) and other criteria met, like how long they've been married and whether they have a criminal record.
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