Is finding biological parents hard?

I was thinking of looking but it looks like it's a hard process. How hard is it? What are some steps to do?

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    It depends. There are a lot of different ways to find your biological parents, I would say start off by asking your adoptive parents. They may be able to provide some answers to your questions.

    However, in some cases, you may be worried about your adoptive parents feeling hurt or angry if you ask. In those cases, be sensitive about finding your birth parents. You could try talking to your adoptive parents about it and telling them why you want to find your birth parents or you could just continue with your search.

    Just be prepared because your birth parents may not want to have contact with you when you find them or they may be happy that you found them. Be aware that it is a difficult situation and do not assume that you know why they placed you if your adoptive parent hasn’t told you your birth parent’s side of the story—if they know it. It can be a hard process but just start off knowing you may not find what you expect.

    A simple step to start off with is to sign up at a Reunion Registry website. Then, you can be matched with a potential birth parent if the records you have put in are the same as the ones they are searching for.

    I also recommend trying to get as much information as you can, even if it’s a closed adoption. You may be able to attain non-identifying information that includes general information about your birth family and information about health. That could be helpful later on in the process.

    You may be able to go to the adoption agency that placed you and see what information they have about your adoption. You can consider doing a DNA test as well. Whether you go through Ancestry or 23andMe, you would be able to find out a lot about your history or even connect with relatives.

    You could also get help from an Adoption Detective, and they could make the search a lot easier.

    Research and look around. It may be difficult but it may also be rewarding.
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