What is kinship foster care?

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    Kinship foster care is where a child is removed from biological parents, and placed with a family member or a family friend.  The goal of CPS is to try to keep children with people they know and are familiar with.

    Often times kinship care givers are not given the same benefits as foster parents are though, so if you're considering having a relative's child placed in your care you may want to ask the state what kind of benefits you and the child will receive in order to care for the child while they are with you.  Each state and agency has different rules when it comes to benefits.

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    Kinship care is essentially having a family member raise a child that is not biologically their child. This is usually a grandparent, aunt/uncle, sister or brother. Kinship foster care has occurred usually because the child(ren) was removed from his/her biological home and placed with a relative, as opposed to going into the traditional “foster care” system, where the caregiver is not someone they know.

    The main goal of foster care, and kinship care, is unification with the biological parents. This sometimes can be a daunting task on whomever the children are placed with as the timeframes of how long the child will be in your home are unknown.

    This can also be a difficult situation, as sometimes the children are placed with aging grandparents. This can be a blessing and a hardship. Grandparents should be retiring not taking care of children again. But it may also be a warm, comfortable place for the children to thrive in. Just make sure you are aware of the children’s needs before you agree to kinship care.

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