How does international adoptions in Canada work?

How does international adoptions in Canada work?


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    Adoptions to Canada or from Canada will be subject to the Hague Adoption Convention. Any child who is being adopted would have to be found eligible to adopt via this convention. Additionally, anyone wanting to adopt would also have to make sure they are eligible through the convention. 

    Anyone wanting to adopt internationally as a Canadian citizen would have to adhere to Canada's laws as well as the adoption laws of the country from which they are adopting. You can look up specific countries for more information on their policies here. 

    Much like adoption in the United States, adoptions are governed federally but also locally. In this case, provincially in information taken from the Adoption Council of Canada, Canadian's are subject to home studies just like in the United States. Straight and Gay couples can adopt as well as single parents. 

    The above site also gives information on who to contact in each province regarding getting an adoption started. They also note that international adoption can cost between $20,000-$30,000. 

    For more information on who to contact and the process for intercountry adoption in Canada, you can click here.

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