How does adoption in Georgia work?

How does adoption in Georgia work?

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    Those adopting in the state of Georgia will go through an adoption will go through a similar process as almost any other state. All states are subject to federal adoption laws and practices, though some states may have their own rules. 

    In Georgia, a child is eligible to be adopted when their parent's rights have been terminated. This may happen voluntarily and must be done in writing. A parent's rights can be terminated involuntarily as well. According to, the rights of a biological parent can be terminated if the following terms are met by the biological parents: 
    • Has abandoned the child
    • Cannot be found after a diligent search has been made
    • Is insane or otherwise incapacitated from surrendering such rights
    • Has failed to exercise proper parental care or control due to misconduct or inability
    If a parent is expressing consent voluntarily, it can be done anytime after the child is born. The birth parents have four days to revoke consent. If a child is over the age of 14, they must give their written consent to be adopted. 

    Adoptive parents will go through a home study, including a background check. notes that Georgia first sends this check to the Georgia Crime Information Center who then sends it to the FBI. In Georgia, an adoptive parent must be 25 years old, at least 10 years older than the adoptee, and a resident of Georgia for at least a term of 6 months. 

    After a child is placed with a home study approved parent(s), the adoption agency must visit their home at least twice to make sure that the child is doing well with their new family. 

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