Why is adoption good?

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Why is adoption good?


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    Children are waiting. Waiting to find loving homes and families that care.

    Adoption is amazing. It creates family and love. But it’s also really hard, and it’s honestly not right for everyone. You need to make sure you are ready to adopt. Or you need to make sure you want to place your child for adoption.

    Adoption is good when you do it for the right reasons. When you adopt or place your child because you care and love and you want a good life for them. The whole triad of adoption—birth family, adoptive family, and adoptee—can benefit from adoption.

    When the birth family is unable to parent or take care of the child and they place the child for adoption to find a better home—adoption is good.

    When the adoptive family decides to adopt because they are ready and want to love and care for a child—adoption is good.

    When the birth family feels pressured into placing their child, and they feel like their child was stolen from them—adoption is not good.

    When the adoptive parents adopt because they feel like they have to or they’re pressured by friends and family—adoption is not good.

    Adoption is a hard process for everyone involved. It can be beautiful, but it can also be painful trying to get through the entire process of placing or adopting. It’s hard being adopted and wondering what your birth parents are like or why your birth parents placed you. But when you adopt or place for the right reasons, when you’ve done the soul-searching to prepare yourself, when you love your child—adoption is good. It’s beautiful.

    Adoption has blessed the lives of so many. It’s a lengthy process, but it’s worth it, and it creates forever families. Adoption is good. It’s important. We need adoption, even though it is not best for everyone.
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