What are the first steps to adopting a child?

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What are the first steps to adopting a child?

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    The very first step to adopting a child is self-reflection. You need to ensure that you are serious about adopting and that you are ready to adopt. Adoption is permanent. When you adopt a child, they become part of your family. You need to be ready for expenses, and you need to be ready to parent.

    Now the expenses part is super important because adoption can become expensive and then you need to be ready to pay the expenses of having a child. So, budget out to figure out if you’re ready and you can afford it. I recommend reading as many different parenting book and books on adoption that you can so you can prepare. Research a lot!

    If you don’t feel ready yet though, just wait and get your life in order before continuing forward with an adoption.

    Another important first step is to get advice and information from people who went through the adoption process before. Ask multiple people, see what they did, who they talked to, which professionals they went to; anything they may feel comfortable sharing with you.

    Next, you should think about and try to figure out which type of adoption you prefer. Do you want to adopt a baby, young child, or older child? Are you sure you want to domestically adopt as opposed to internationally adopting? Do you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption? Think carefully about what you may be open to when adopting.

    In order to adopt you need a professional of some sort. So, try looking for an agency in your area. Look up reviews, talk to other people, and go talk to a few professionals. But make sure you ask a lot of questions! Find out exactly what they will help you with and how much it will cost. Ask for every detail you can find out.

    These are the very first steps to preparing and moving forward with the adoption process. Good luck!


  • Our first step was to have a serious conversation with each other to make sure we both were willing and able to love a child we did not conceive. It was not an area of contention for us, but I know of other couple who one wanted to adopt and the other did not. You both have to want it in your heart in order for an adoption to be successful.

     Once we figured that out, we needed to find an agency we wanted to work with. We have several family members that have adopted and we used the same agency they all used. In hindsight, we should have done our own research on agencies, but it worked out perfectly for us. I would suggest a simple google search to find agencies in your area. Once you have selected the agencies, I would meet with as many agencies you feel comfortable meeting with. This way you can get a feel for how their agency runs and make a decision that feels best for you guys. If you need help locating an agency, check out: adoptionagency.com

     I would suggest also having a list of people that you would want to list as your references for the adoption, as this is a step you will need to know in the near future. I would also make sure you know the agency fees and if you need to, start saving before you get too far into the adoption process. If you need help with affording the process check out, adoption.com/affording


    But whatever you do, know it is a journey and a beautiful process.

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