Is adopting a baby from abroad hard?

Is adopting a baby from abroad hard?


  • Adoption in general is hard but not impossible. One of the reasons people find it difficult to adopt from another country is because the process takes so long. Many countries have age restrictions for the adoptive parents, usually have to be at least 25 years old and one must be a U.S. Citizen. They also have time limits on how long you must spend in that country before adopting the child, or multiple trips to the child’s country of origin.

    Another factor to consider is how you will incorporate your child’s country of origin into their life living in the United States. In most international adoptions, the children are “older” and will have some memory of their country of origin. It is highly likely that the child you are adopting from abroad is not going to “look like” the people they are surrounded by. In order to help them feel comfortable and not forget where they come from, it is important to help them remember those things. Make it a point to explore other cultures or take trips to places where they are surrounded by people that may “look” like them.

    Another reason people find it hard to adopt a child from abroad is because it is a lot more expensive than adopting domestically or from foster care. An international adoption can cost any where from $20,000 to $40,000.  There are, however, many ways to help offset the costs. Make sure to look up adoption grants or loans if you need help in affording an international adoption. You can also check out this website, for information on affording adoptions.

    Another reason people find it more difficult to adopt internationally is because the amount of paperwork and how time consuming the process is. Every adoption is time consuming, but that is because it is worth it. There is a lot more paper requirement for adopting internationally, including IRS forms, FBI background checks and much, much more. You can find more information here,

    For more information about adoptions in general make sure to check out

  • Adoption is hard in general, but with organization, patience, and work, it can be done. The hard part about international adoption compared to domestic is the traveling. Not only do you fly to pick up your baby or child, but certain countries have different laws about how much time you are required to spend in the country. For instance, you may have to travel 2 times prior to meet the child before you bring them home. This can add cost and time away from work. Also, if you're adopting from a country with a language you're not familiar with, that barrier can complicate things. Paperwork gets confusing when it's in your own language, let alone a foreign one. International adoption can be more expensive than domestic, like 30-40k. 
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