What international adoption countries are best for adoption?

What international adoption countries are best for adoption?

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    This all depends. International adoption is constantly changing and programs can unexpectedly close. Right now, many countries are limiting adoptions, making it more difficult for prospective adoptive parents to adopt internationally. In fact, inter country adoptions have declined by 80% since 2004, and we are currently in the midst of an international adoption crisis. There's even a petition going on right now to help save international adoption. (You can view it here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/save-adoptions-reverse-80-decline-intercountry-adoptions-and-solve-us-international-adoption-crisis). I don't mean to sound negative. I just wanted to share what's going on.

    With that being said, there are many countries that have been traditionally known as good countries to adopt from. China has always been one of the largest and most popular. In 2016, 2,231 kids were adopted from China by U.S. residents. Babies and toddlers were once available; however, now China is only accepting referrals for children over the age of 5 or those with special needs. Despite these changes, it is still a great country to adopt from. Russia and South Korea were also popular choices, but adoptions from these countries have now ceased. In fact, many other former leading countries for adoption have banned or dramatically cut back on adoptions, including Romania, Guatemala, Kazakhstan and Ethiopia.

    However, there are still some very good options available for those who want to adopt internationally: the Ukraine (children over age 5), the Philippines (children over age 3) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (infants to teens). 

    Keep in mind, there is not a "best" country for everyone. What is right for someone else can be very wrong for you. For this reason, I always tell people to follow their hearts. If you feel called to adopt from a certain country, by all means, pursue it. Only you know which program/situation is right for you. Of course, always be sure to do your research and educate yourself on the adoption process first. The more information you can gather, the better prepared you'll be. Best of luck to you!

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