Why is adoption so expensive?

Why is adoption so expensive? 

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    Have you ever heard the phrase, "If you are going to do something, do it right"? This phrase is really the core of why adoption is so expensive. Adoption has so many moving parts. There are many different people involved who help you navigate the process. In the end, the process will hopefully be one that was carried out both legally and ethically. 

    Adoption is so expensive mainly due to fees that one will incur in the process. Most adoptions will go through an adoption agency or attorney. An adoption agency will often have a application fee and most attorneys will require a retainer fee. After services have been acquired with an agency, their fees can vary but often include a fee for a home study, education, matching and post placement visits. Attorney fees will vary but is typically based on hourly work. 

    More fees you may incur, in cases of domestic infant adoption, are birth mother expenses. These are expenses directly related to the pregnancy and living expenses. Many times, these fees range around $3000. 

    For international and out of state adoption, you will have to deal with travel expenses for both you and for your new child. This will also include lodging and food during your stay. Both types of adoption can require you to be in a different place for weeks, so these expenses can really add up! 

    The great news is that there are many great ways to afford adoption. You can also adopt from foster care at little to no cost! 
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