Does adoption work?

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    This is quite the loaded question! Adoption works in the sense that is allows children to be in families. No child should be without a family and no child should feel unloved or unwanted or abused in a family. However, as will anything that is good, there also comes the bad. Adoption works most of the time, but sometimes adoption fails miserably. 

    Adoption works when the adoptive family is ready to adopt and also aware that birth families are important. Adoption works when loving parents do not need DNA to love their new child fully. Adoption works when we understand that every child deserves love and a home. Adoption works when we see the world through a family perspective. 

    Adoption does not work as a way to try and fix a relationship. Adoption does not work when we ignore the loss and trauma that may come with it. Adoption does not work when we criminalize birth parents. Adoption does not work when we do not put in the work. Adoption is forever.

     Just as if we gave birth to that child, we do anything, and everything to make it work. There is no turning our backs on our children and changing our minds. Adoption doesn't work when people are in it for the wrong reason. Adoption does not work when people who never should have adopted adopt. 

    Adoption works when we take the time to become educated on adoption for doing so. It works when we create a support system around us to help as it takes a village to raise a child. Adoption works because we are committed to accepting nothing less. 
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