How do I choose what to do about adoption?

How do I choose what to do about adoption?

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    You might be coming from a few different places with this question. If you are asking as a birth mother, this question may be inquiring whether or not to choose adoption. If you are inquiring as an adoptive parent, you may be deciding whether or not to adopt. 

    If you are a birth mother, making the decision to place your child will be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. No one can tell you what choice to make. That has to come from you. However, there are a few tools to help you make your decision. It may not be an easy decision, but it is one that you can make. If you have a support system, or even a support person whom you can reach out to that may be able to help you talk through your decision, that can make all of the difference. There are crisis pregnancy centers in many cities that will offer free support and counselors to help you talk through your options. You can also talk with an adoption agency without making any commitment to place your child, simply to find out your options and hear about options for open adoption if that is something you want. 

    If you are an adoptive parent, it can often be difficult to decide if adoption is right for you. There may be many fears that creep up about bringing a child into your home, the finances, and the unknowns of the process. I have been there and it can be daunting! It is important to sit down with your family and discuss your concerns. If finances are the concern, research ways to afford adoption without putting yourself in massive debt. Talk with an adoption agency about the process. Join a social media group of those who know a lot about adoption. Ask more questions here! Also read the wealth of articles at 

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