What Is an Adoption Forum?

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         As far as online forums go, this is a great example of one. A forum like this is a great place to come if you have questions regarding all types of adoption. You will find members of the adoption triad who are knowledgeable about different aspects of adoption, so they can be a much better help than a google search. 
         A forum is also somewhere you can go if you just need to vent. Sometimes it's hard to find people in real life who can relate to what you're going through. You can get advice or even just empathy from other people on adoption forums because they've lived it and they understand.
         It's also a great place to come and share your knowledge with others. You can answer questions and provide help and support. 
         This isn't the only adoption forum out there. Here is a link to another one that I really like. Hope this helps!

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