How can adoptive parents prepare emotionally and psychologically before bringing home a child?

Any tips for how adoptive parents can prepare emotionally and psychologically before bringing home a child?

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  • It is vital for adoptive parents to prepare emotionally, psychologically, and physically before bringing home a child. Many times, we get consumed in the home study and preparing for all the stuff the child will need, that we forget to prepare ourselves! If you are waiting to be matched, this is a great time to focus on you and your partner (if applicable). 

    Make sure you are building healthy habits of eating and sleeping well as well as exercising. Your child will need you to be at your best possible. Emotionally, spend time with yourself and with your partner. Work and focus on the relationships with those around you. Once you bring your child home, much of your focus will be consumed with them and their needs. 

    Psychologically, read, read, and read some more. Take time to read the articles available at They provide great insight on what you might expect. Join the I Love Adoption Facebook Group to gain a community of people you can ask advice, learn from, and go to when you need a bit of wisdom. Be alone with your thoughts. Journal. Spend some time planning out your hopes for your child and what type of parent you want to be. 
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